Self storage is an ideal option for anyone who has furniture and other belongings that need to be safely stored for any length of time. Whether you are planning a home remodel or moving away to college, you will benefit from the safe and secure units that can be found in Brooklyn self storage facilities. If you are planning to place your belongings in self storage, then you will want to make sure to pack each item so that they will remain in excellent condition throughout the move and their time in storage. The following guide will help you to prepare all of your belongings for your upcoming move.

General Packing Tips

When moving your belongings to Brooklyn storage units, you will want to have on hand a selection of sturdy boxes. For best results during your move, each box should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the items it will hold. Special reinforced boxes can be used for extremely heavy items. When packing, always place the heaviest items at the bottom of the box. Then, lighter items can be placed on top. If packing fragile items, then wrapping them first in bubble wrap, newsprint or towels can protect them from breaking during a move.

Special Equipment

Many people utilize Brooklyn self storage at http://www.storagepost.com/locations/new-york/nyc/brooklyn to hold their seasonal tools and lawn equipment. Anytime that motorized equipment will be stored, it is important to first drain out the oil and gasoline. This will help to prevent unnecessary build-up of contaminants in the motor. Additionally, sharp tools will need to be covered to protect a person from injuries during the move. By following these tips, your tools and lawn equipment will be ready for use when they are needed again.

Over-Sized Items

Some household items are too large to be packed away in boxes. These items will still be safe in Brooklyn storage units; however, they will need to be protected during their transport to the unit. Mattresses are a common over-sized item that is often stored. These should be covered with a plastic mattress protector. After moving a mattress into self storage, leave the cover on to help protect it from dust. Large pieces of furniture should also be transported by wrapping them in heavy blankets or covers to protect them from scratches.


If you will be storing appliances, then there are a few steps for you to take to ensure their protection during their time in storage. First, clean each appliance thoroughly to remove any debris and food spills. If your appliance has a special finish on the exterior, then you will want to transport it with the same care you would for over-sized furniture by wrapping it in a protective cover. Once it is in a Brooklyn self storage unit, you should then leave any doors slightly ajar to allow for ventilation.

Blankets and Clothing

Any items made of cloth should be washed thoroughly before storing them to prevent stains from taking hold. Once the items have been cleaned, they can be placed on hangers and stored in specially designed wardrobe boxes. For large blankets and stuffed animals, washing them and placing them in plastic bags will keep them safe during their time in storage.


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